Streamline the payment process for your business. Go.Paytoo M-POS Application and swiper hooks to an iOS or Android device which allows you to accept payments via:
Credit/Debit Card PayToo Mobile Wallet Contactless QR Code

PayToo Mobile Merchant Advantages

The Mobile POS Payment allows merchants to now have easy access to getting paid and accepting different forms of payment without any hardware investment.  Customers can enjoy the convenience and be able to "wave and pay" for low cost items as part of the shopping experience.  With speedy transactions, many restaurant and transportation outets are experiencing additional purchases at point of service and increased staff concentration on providing a quality service that encourages people to return.

The PayToo M-POS Mobile solution also offers a payment transfer that can be made without having to swipe a credit or debit card and is activated through radio-frequency identification. No PIN entry is necessary and payments are facilitated through two enabled devices coming into close proximity. All that is required with a contact-less PayToo sticker is a tap on a merchant's POS and the transactin is complete.  It's THAT fast and THAT convenient.

Why Use PayToo Mobile Merchant


Whether you use a register or assign iPads to your sales staff, Go.PayToo is the solution for your business.  It allows your customers to pay on the spot from your online app and authorize the payment with a signature right on the screen.

On the Go

Want to be a street merchant?  Whether you drive a taxi or work as a street vender you can use Go.PayToo mPOS Swiper to accept payments.

While travelling

Going to a trade fair in another country? Accept payments anywhere in the world with multicurrency acceptance. Go.PayToo is the ideal travel option for your business.



  1. Signup for a PayToo merchant account
  2. Download the mobile application
  3. Get your contact-less swiper
  4. Select the payment method (credit, debit, or PayToo)
  5. Swipe card, use customer's Paytoo account, or tap the reader with customer PayToo sticker
  6. Process transaction and see funds in your Paytoo merchant account immediately
  7. Get paid in as little as 2 days


  1. Signup for your PayToo account
  2. Get free PayToo contact-less sticker
  3. Get payroll into your PayToo account or make a cash deposit
  4. Shop at any location that accepts contactless Payment

Start accepting payments online TODAY! We provide everything you need in an easy, quick process!